THREE DRAMATIC SHIFTS FOR 2023 by Jeremiah Johnson


As I continue to spend time in prayer, lead The Ark Fellowship, and minister around the USA and world, I see three dramatic shifts coming to the global Church in the years ahead. I have briefly summarized them below:

1. Five Fold Ministry

An era is ending of the “pastor does all” church mentality. You will see five fold leadership teams emerge around the globe who will work together to share the pulpit, discipleship, and more. This healthy biblical model will stop all the burnout, immorality, and suicide that overtakes ministers as a result of building man made kingdoms that do not reflect the nature of the Trinity. (Team) The only King who will be worshipped in the Church is Jesus Christ. Celebrity Christianity is OVER!

2. The Seven Mountains

The saints are going to be trained and equipped to do the work of ministry in THEIR sphere like never before. A shift from being an audience to becoming an army will impact every sphere of society. A heavy emphasis on gospel preaching and kingdom demonstration is coming. Mass evangelism with deliverance and miracles is coming like a tidal wave. Entertainment Christianity is OVER.

3. Healthy Marriage and Family

An addiction to ministry, conferences, and calling is being exposed in this generation of saints and leaders. Date Nights, Anniversary Trips, Family Vacations and more are going to be prioritized just like revival and church attendance should be. There is no need to separate one from another. A remnant is finally recognizing that authentic revival looks like healthy marriage and family. House churches are going to explode across the globe. Ministry Addiction is OVER!

-Jeremiah C. Johnson

(Facebook Post, 7th Feb, 2023)

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  1. Amen… these messages are echoing in Ekklessia around the world! So encouraging to know that we are on the right track. Thank you Ps Ben for leading us into this movement.

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